Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cheapo Discs

 Unfortunately, Cheapo Discs has left Austin.  You missed it.

 If you love movies and music in Austin Texas, then there really is only one place to go.  That is Cheapo Discs.

 Just like the name implies, Cheapo Discs buys and sells CDs, DVDs, albums, and a small amount of video-games.  The majority of their inventory comes from their patrons, with literally thousands of items coming in every week.  The selection is an eclectic mix of everything; punk rock, country, rap, classical... whatever, and they often have it on vinyl as well as CD.  The movie selection is massive, with a large number of collections, full seasons, rare, and hard-to-find items... all reflective of the weirdness that is Austin Texas.

 Cheapo Discs is also host to a variety of live shows featuring local and national artists, and has on occasion even been host to pieces by visual artists.  The employees are a hip-crowd just as mixed as their store; tattooed-babes and stuffy-shirt intellectuals who are all equally friendly and knowledgeable about their particular areas of interest.  Prices are generally half or less for the same item purchased new, and everything they sell has a 7-day guarantee.  

 Cheapo Discs is, in my opinion, an inherent part of the spirit of Austin.  It is a little bit of everything, where the really rare is highlighted and frequently expressed.  This shop simply kicks ass.

Cheapo Discs
914 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 477-4499

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