Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fran's Burgers

  Fran's Hamburgers has been an Austin Institution and a part of the South Congress scene since 1973.  It is a purely American Diner, not a sports-bar and not big on kitch.  At Fran's, it is all about the food.  The prices are comparative to other burger-joints (not to be confused with fast-food-joints) as is the menu.  They make a fair milk-shake and offer-up a huge, 100% real beef hamburger.  The locals often rave about Fran's, and the place is always busy.  Service is fast and friendly, and the portions are well-worth the price.

 However, the one thing they are known for, their burgers, did not really impress me.  I don't know if it was the cook that day or what, but my burger was almost over-seasoned, like I wasn't tasting the beef anymore.  The onion-rings are a must, probably some of the best in town.  While I understand that the place is considered a part of the fabric of Austin, nothing struck me as peculiar to Austin in anyway.  Fran's could be any burger-place anywhere; a truck-stop diner that had the good-fortune to be located in close proximity to one of the city's tourist attractions.

 Honestly, with nothing really outstanding going for it, my money is better spent at the McDonald's a few blocks down the road on Oltorf. 

 Fran's is another Austin venue that is out of business.  Missed for the nostalgia, but probably not for the food.

 6214 Cameron Rd
 Austin, TX 78723
 512 458 6007

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