Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ken's Donuts

  My uncle owned or managed several donut shops, and some of my fondest childhood memories involved being at one of his shops early (like 1 or 2 am) on Christmas or New Year's night and having donuts freshly made.  My dad, during the really hard economy in the 1980's, used to work for my uncle at the shop and bring home donuts literally by the garbage-bag full.  You could say I know donuts.  The mockery of pastries that Krispy Kremes tries to pass-off as a donut just does not cut it.  How they can legally call them donuts is beyond me.  Ken's Donuts makes donuts... and as close to the donuts my uncle used to make that I have had in a while.  Best of all, Ken's Donuts is open 24 hours a day and is right off the Drag.

 The down-side is that Ken's Donuts is not exactly the most inviting donut shop to sit-down and enjoy a pastry in.  I am certain the place is clean enough, but the word that comes to mind to describe the look of the place is "grimy".  It is almost like the idea of people actually sitting down for some donuts and coffee in the place was an after-thought.

 I have to admit that this is the only donut-shop I have visited since being in Austin, and being diabetic means that I probably will not have the occasion to visit too many others.  While I am sure that some of the other donut shops may be better than Ken's, this place is conveniently located and open 24 hours a day.  That alone rocks.

 I might get the kids up at 2am and make a donut run.

 Ken's Donuts
 2820 Guadalupe St
 Austin, TX 78705
 512 320-8484

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