Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dirty Martins Kum-Bak Burger

 Dirty Martin's Kum-Bak Place is one of the restaurants I consider iconicly Austin.  It is located near what I would consider the northern-most point of the UT "drag" (they are a block south of Guadalope and 29th), a perfect place to either start or end your walk in the college district.  Actually, you could start with lunch at Dirty Martin's, walk the drag and have dinner near campus, then walk back north and end your day at Spider House.  Dirty Martin's has been serving burgers, shakes, and beer since 1926.  Originally, the place had just 8 bar stools and a dirt floor (hence the name).   Today it has a front dining area (like a 50's diner), a "sports" room in the back, and an outdoor eating area with its own big-screen televisions.

 The food is just what you would expect at an American diner, deep-friend and greasy.  The burgers are huge, and even the buns glisten with a coat of butter.  They are delicious.  Rolls of paper-towels are at each table to help sop up the excess fluids the will drizzle everywhere.  Dirty's is not for the health-conscious.  The shakes and malts are the best in town for the price (and second only to E-Z's further north), and they are one of the few places in town that serve deep-friend mushrooms.  I recommend the O.T. Burger, but I am partial to bacon on my burgers. 

 Dirty Martin's is also one of the most "Austin" places you can go and get some real mileage out of your dollar.  The most expensive menu item is $10.75, and they fill your plate with food.  The atmosphere is 50's and Austin, most of the staff is tattooed and everyone is friendly.  Pieces of sports memorabilia and Austin history dot every room of the building.  Dirty Martin's is a great place to hang-out with your friends at the bar, have dinner with the family, or pop-in for a late-night snack.

 2808 Guadalupe Street
 Austin, TX 78705
 (512) 477-3173

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