Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do!

 A long time ago, in a decade that us old-folks like to call "the 80's", there was one store at virtually every mall in America that was a guaranteed stop for the majority of us.  That was Spencer's Gifts, which sold an eclectic selection of weird and humorous oddities (as well as some erotic novelties).  People shopped there, but far more often than not you went in just to look at all the odd items.  Spencer's catered to every taste; pop-culture hipsters, metal-heads, class-clowns, perverts, and freaks. Spencer's had a dark-edge that wasn't well received by everyone (especially parents).  With the emergence of stores like Hot Topic, Spencer's focused on maintaining its hold on that part of its market... and lost.  Today, Spencer's is still in a few malls, but they do not have nearly the presence they had in the 1980's.
 I bring up Spencer's because Monkey See Monkey Do on South Congress is a lot like that kitchy and wacky store of my youth... sans the dark edge.  Monkey See Monkey Do caters to all that is fun in the lowbrow seen; weird toys, quirky art, odd household items... with everything relatively safe for the majority of the public, young and old alike.

 And, of course, they have monkeys... lots and lots of monkeys.

 Monkey See Monkey Do is a perfect example of Austin weirdness, situated right in the heart of South Congress along with the other strange and funky shop on the strip.  Monkey See Monkey Do also fills in the void left behind by the Lowbrow Emporium that used to be on South Lamar, retailing many of the same items and art works that are featured in magazines like High Fructose and Juxtapose.  You will find classic kitch items like magic 8-balls and "x-ray" glasses, tiki-culture nick-knacks, nostalgic novelties, strange toys and action-figures, unusual  books and magazines, "Keep Austin Weird" merchandise, and monkeys.

 Monkey See Monkey Do is a must-stop shop on South Congress.  Tell them Sorrell sent you when you pay them a visit.

 1712 S. Congress Ave
 Austin, TX 78704
 512 443 4999

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