Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gallery Black Lagoon

 This is going to sound a little weird, but I am very excited about this place.  It all has to do with their name and logo.

 I know, I am a sucker for these kinds of things.

 I was a HUGE fan of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" movie.  It was a tediously slow-moving film, the acting was so-so (I do horror film reviews on another blog, check it out), but the "gill-man" costume was amazing.  It was just one of those things that stuck with me as a kid as being the height of cool.

 When I saw this place going in a year or two ago, I was disappointed that I had not had a chance to stop in and check out the movie-store that was there previously, but thrilled about the idea of an artist having a gallery that had SOMETHING to do with that movie.

 Like I said, I am a sucker for these kinds of things.

 So, this is all a little premature.  Sunday, we rolled by the Gallery Black Lagoon, finally having an opportunity to stop in the Hyde Park area and check it out.  They were closed.  Looking in through the window, I saw a few shelves with some hand-made jewelry, and maybe something on a wall way in the back, but otherwise the place was empty.  The hours were like 12-4 M-F on the door (don't hold me to that...).  I also saw that the place could be rented out for $100 and hour!

 Can you imagine?  You are a "starving artist" and you want to do a show.  Let's say you want to do a Saturday night show from 6pm to midnight.  That will be $600, my hungry friend.  You better hope your flier campaign brings in loads of people with fat-wallets, or that you have a dozen artist-friends willing to share the space and the cost.

 Thankfully, the Gallery Black Lagoon is not in the business of separating artists from their money.  In fact, quite the opposite; they do a series of shows and calls-for-art each year, inviting local artists and artisans to participate for free.  They even let you keep 85% of your sales, which is a bargain, as veteran artists will tell you.  The gallery space is large enough to support several artists at a time, and the place stands-out, so promotion of your show should be easy. 

 The place is also in a cool location, right next to The Parlor Pizzaria (review coming soon) and across from the Hyde Park Theater, forming a kind of creative nexus.  It seems to be a great location for wedding rehearsals, small receptions, and small charity events.  The art displayed and discussed on the 'net is a little more mainstream than my own work, and they have already turned me down as a participant in their next series (for the sake of full-disclosure and not all that surprising).  It looks like a great place for an artist like myself to get involved with the art community, enjoy a show, and get some free eats for a small donation.  

 There next show is August 26th.  More to come... 

 4301 A. Guadalupe St
 Austin, TX 78751
 512 371 8838

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