Monday, September 19, 2011

The Bat City Bombshells

 If you were not in attendance for the It's Hot... Take It Off burlesque show September 10th featuring the Bat City Bombshells at the Red Shed Tavern, then you missed a great show.  At just $5 at the door, it was also probably the best ticket for the price in town that night.

 For those who are unfamiliar with the art of burlesque, American Burlesque (derived from the Victorian Era burlesque shows of Europe), are related to, at least in my mind, the shows of the Vaudeville Era.  Burlesque differs in that their main feature is the strip-tease, which is showcased with mildly raunchy comedy, playful musical skits, and dance numbers.  To me, burlesque represents a period of innocence in the American psyche, something more sexual than the typical Vaudeville Show but less jaded than the performances of Exotic Dancers in modern strip-clubs.  The girls in the burlesque shows that I have seen differ from their "exotic" counterparts in that they seem to genuinely be having fun.  Burlesque is about the tease, not the display.  The give-and-take between the performers and the audience is not as one-sided as it is in a "gentlemens club".  A burlesque show titillates and entertains.  It is a turn-on on more than just a physical level.

 Burlesque is simply more fun, and no troupe I have seen in Austin is more fun than the Bat City Bombshells.

 The show was emcee-ed by Nicole Lucas, a comedic wit that was sharp and sassy, a perfect compliment to the performers on the stage.  Cindi's Gifts provided a basket of erotic goodies that was raffled-off and some t-shirts that were handed-out during the show.  The Red Shed Tavern was a superb venue, offering a stage situated outdoors in a spacious and well manicured back-lot.  Even the weather co-operated, treating us to a break in our 100+ degree weather with a cool evening for the performance.

 The ladies were amazing.  The Bat City Bombshells mix classic burlesque skits and modern dance numbers.  The performers ranged from those having years of experience to a few girls who had never performed burlesque for a live audience until that night.  The skits were humorous, sexy, and fun.  Three of the girls, including the notorious Sherry Bomb, treated the audience to a feathered-fan strip-tease, a tradition in burlesque.  There were several sultry solo dances, a couple of the girls dressed as husband-and-wife did a skit and strip-tease about a woman who just had enough with being ignored, and the finale took the audience to a car-wash where the girls made getting a car clean a little dirty.  All the while, the girls were smiling, winking, and having just as much fun as we did in the audience.

 That is simply what makes burlesque great.

 The Bat City Bombshells are an Austin Original, appearing at finer venues all-over town.  Check out their website and like them on Facebook for details about the girls and up-coming shows.  Burlesque is a bit of lowbrow fun, and the Bat City Bombshells do it like no one else in town.

I love my life.

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  1. What a great review! Thank you so much and we would LOVE you to come to our Halloween show Tits-or-Treats, Oct.22nd at Flamingo Cantina! The Bombshells will also have an encore show at the wonderful Red Shed Tavern on Oct.29th!