Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little Pricks Tattoo

 It's an awesome shop with a funny name.

 Owner Kyle Giffen explained that the name was part of a list of names that he took to Lakeline Mall one day and just asked random people which they preferred.  Options like "Lonestar Tattoo" received an occasional nod of approval, but it was "Little Pricks Tattoo" that won hands-down.  

 You may know Kyle as the front-man of the local band "Red Cry" that played several gigs around Austin over the last few years.  You may also know him as one of the contestants on Season One of "Best Ink".  But, how you should really know Kyle is as one of the best Tattoo Artists in Austin, Texas.

 And now, he has opened his own shop.  

 Kyle's worked in several shops here in Austin, and he has taken those years of experience and created his personal vision of how a Tattoo Studio should operate.  At Little Pricks Tattoo, you will find the very best practices against cross-contamination and blood-born pathogens.  Needles and tubes are sealed until use and disposed of after each tattoo.  The studio is immaculately clean.  Safety and the health of the client is clearly priority one.

 While those high-standards place Little Pricks Tattoo at the head of the pack in Austin, it is the atmosphere that really sets the shop apart from others.  Kyle has gone out of his way to create and open, friendly, and fun environment.  Attitudes are check at the door.  The shop is brightly colored, the faces are friendly, and visitors are always welcome.  Folks from the local neighborhood (Anderson Mill and Cedar Park) often stop in to talk tattoos, business in general, or just to enjoy the vibe.  

 Little Pricks Tattoo is also reaching out to the community.  Artists are invited to display their work in the studio's front lobby, with the requirement that a portion of any sale be donated to a local charity.  Little Prick Tattoo has begun reaching out to local organizations to coordinate events that benefit the community or bring attention to a public issues.  Recognizing how good the local community has been to them, Kyle and his crew at Little Pricks Tattoo want to give back to the community in as many ways as they can.

 The art work itself is simply top-notch.  Kyle and fellow artist Matthew Cesario specialize in Neo-American Traditional Style Tattoos, essentially old-school tattoos featuring bold out-lines drawn in the traditional style but with bright colors, high-contrast shading, and modern subject-matter.  Their work is beautiful to behold and keep clients coming back for more.  

 Check them out on-line at

 Pay them a visit at: 11815 North FM 620, #6, Austin, TX.  They are open 12pm-10pm Monday-Saturday.

 You can also give them a call at (512) 502-4591.