Sunday, May 1, 2016

Encore Records

 If you are a fan of metal, punk, and/or horror, you need to check out Encore Records on 6th Street just east of the underpass of I-35.  This little record store is packed to the roof with amazing merchandise.  Encore Records offers a mix of vinyl and CDs, and provides both classic and the latest albums.  Browsing their shelves is like a trip through history with classics like Exodus to the latest album by Rob Zombie. Mixed in with the metal and punk, you will also find some country, hip-hop, rock-and-roll, and even rap, but the place has the look, feel, and merchandise to cater to a crowd that enjoys a much heavier sound.

 It doesn't end with music at Encore.  They also offer an excellent collection of classic horror films, b-movies, and cult-films.  Above the shelves hang t-shirts, almost entirely black, printed with album art, horror-film art, and other assorted weirdness.  

 Encore Records is also where to go to find trade publications about the metal scene, local events and concert information, and to stay on-top of what is about to drop.  There staff is incredibly knowledgeable about rock and metal, and some of the friendlies around.  Encore Records also participates in the annual Record Store Day events, offering opportunities to get rare and collectible albums and merchandise.

 Encore Records offers something that cannot be gotten from downloading music on-line.  It is more than just a retail outlet, it is a community hub for everyone who loves heavy music and the metal scene.  If you haven't been yet, you should check them out.

 Encore Records
 809 E 6th St

 Austin, TX 78702

 (512) 451-8111

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